Having over 20 years experience as an Apple authorized Service facility, an additional 15 plus years experience working as an I.T. manager for some of the largest corporations on Long island and New York, coupled with factory training, with peer to peer education and experience, I have seen just about everything when it comes to computer related problems. Not all computer problems are the same, today's personal computers, smartphones, and tablets are more then simply an appliance, these products are an extension to how we interact in our lives.

Having this understanding enables us to provide professional personalized services, that go beyond replacing broken glass or a defective hard drive on your Mac or PC. We follow a consistent step by step procedure for all the products that come to our shop. We ask the right questions to get the best understanding of any and all the problems you are having with your device. With this comprehensive process, and personalized service, we offer a fast, complete, and affordable solution to your computer needs.

Performance Enhancemnets

When it comes to knowing the correct software and hardware needed to improve the performance of your computer, we have the solution. We utilize a combination of hardware suggestions, and a step by step data performance process to get the most of your Mac or PC.

Data Recovery

There is nothing funny about losing information. Once again we utilize a step by step combination of the best data recover software in the business, along with years of experience and the most effective tools available.  Our data recovery are second only a clean room which costs thousdands of dollars and rarely needed when you bring your computer to The Mac PC Guys.

Virus Removal

"I thought Macs don't get viruses?"  Wrong, Macs do get viruses, that was an old false campaign Apple used to advertise years ago. The fact is the Mac OS gets Viruses and Malware all the time. Files types that are shared amoung computers also share viruses. If your you're running Windows or Mac there are hundreds if viruses that cause slowdowns on your computer.  We examine all your data for viruses and eradicate the problem effectively.

Other Computer Services Include;

Why ?

•Certified Factory repaired pre-owned Macs.

•Logic Board component repair for liquid damage.

•Preowned unlocked iPhones all models, bulk discounts available.

•New Mac Computers and Tablets at prices below Apple Direct, bulk purchase discounts available.       

              Email  or  Call  516-781-8108 for more details.